Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Players Cup Glow Champion Katana

The 2010 Players Cup Champion Katana is a great disc with a bonus glow feature.  Limited run of these were made for the 2010 Players Cup.  Rim like a Boss but flies like a Sidewinder on steroids.  Also have the Players Cup Latitude 64 Gold Flow and the all black DGA Hurricane.  Great gift ideal.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NEW Vibram Ascent driver

From what I've noticed from throwing the new Vibram Ascent is that it is a super overstable driver that is perfect for flick shots. Comparable to the Nuke or Xcaliber. It performs well in wet weather because it is extra grippy. You won't have to worry about this disc getting any weird skips or bounces because of how much grip there is.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Latitude 64 River disc golf disc

Latitude 64 has introduced a new disc called the River which has a stability rating that falls between the Vision and the Stiker. It is available in Opto and Gold line plastics. My tests showed it is a little more understable than the Vision but I was throwing a 168 gram disc. Maybe a heavier weight would be more overstable.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New R- Pro Roc

We will soon have the R-Pro Roc available for purchase. This disc will be very grippy and more flexible than the regular Pro Line Rocs. Considering the Roc is the most respected mid range approach disc we are expecting a very fine response to this new offering by Innova.

New Star Katana

Finally the disc golfing public can get a Katana in Star plastic. Up till now they were only available as Pro Katanas and limited runs of Champion and Star plastic for fund raising purposes. Considering the Pro Katanas have been flying off the shelves because of their exceptional speed and distance, I expect the Star Katanas to have the same characteristics only with more reliability.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Discraft ESP 1st Run Nuke

It is finally here, has it been worth the wait? Discrafts 1st Run Esp Nuke has been released and is currently being tested around the world. From my personal tests throwing in cold weather and using a winter rusty body I find the results similiar to a Boss. You need a pretty strong throw to get big D. More testing is required but I need warmer weather to do it in. Darn, that means I have to play more Disc Golf!

Pro, Champion, and Star Katana

The much awaited and talked about Katana from Innova Champion discs is now available in three types of plastic. The Pro Line Katana is now a regular run and can be purchased wholesale and retail at regular prices. The Champion and Star Lines are made in limited runs and are Fundraiser discs and are priced accordingly.

The weather has been so cold I haven't had much time to try them out but the few times I've thrown them, they seem to have the same long flight characteristics of a Sidewinder or Roadrunner, only further. Against the wind they will curl to the right for a right handed thrower. So some hyzer adjustment is required. Low wind or with the wind throws should travel further than any other disc. I need more practice with it to pull it out of my bag during competion though.